The Highest Distinction Awarded to the Residential Construction Industry

On February 15, 2002, the APCHQ New Home Guarantee Program congratulated Groupe Beaumont Élite for its 50 years of excellence as general contractor in the residential construction field. To highlight the company’s productivity, Jean-René Rioux, Membership Director of the APCHQ New Home Guarantee Program, presented the trophy for Master Builder Diamond Award to Alain Létourneau, owner and President. This title of distinction represents the highest recognition awarded in the residential construction industry. Groupe Beaumont Élite holds this distinction to the present day.

To be awarded this distinction and the various advantages related to the Master Builder status, a contractor, working within the framework of the guarantees administered by the APCHQ, must record an average of at least two residential units per year while maintaining a rate of justified conciliation requests of less than three percent.

In 2002, the status of Master Builder reached a new pinacle with the Diamond Award (at least 25 consecutive years of professionalism) being added to the four titles already awarded by the New Home Guarantee Program since 1986, that is: the Master Builder Bronze Award (at least 2 years), the Silver Award (at least 4 years), the Gold Award (at least 8 years), and the Platinum Award (at least 15 years of professionalism).

Professionals in residential construction since 1952—with 64 years of service to its customers and the last 39 years of those accredited by the New Home Guarantee Program—Groupe Beaumont Élite has proven in a convincing manner that year after year it fully satisfies the expectations of its homebuyers. The company has built more than 8000 residential units and it is proud to contribute to the quality of construction in Quebec and count itself among the best contractors accredited by the APCHQ New Home Guarantee Program and the new "garantie GCR"


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